Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I Think I'm In Love

Hey all, well just wanted to let you know if you already didn't about this beautiful girl named Cassie. You might have heard her new single "Me & U" thats gone global and her new Self titled CD that I must say is pretty good. She's also a model so now you can't doubt that she's hot, as long as she doesn't go and start sniffing cocaine or what have you. She's a beautiful looking girl so if you get a chance, don't hesitate to take a look at her video for the single. That is unless you have a 19 year old daughter yourself, then i might suggest going to mass, because that's wrong on alot of levels.... haha Slan


Apparently, The world wants their Space

So there's this little thing that has gotten larger than life and swept across the globe quicker than cancer, infecting almost everyone of my friends, and pretty much everyone I've ever known. This Haunta Virus of the 21st century is Myspace. Now I'm up for pretty much anything; I like to say that I'm a fairly openminded man, but I just can't seem to wrap my head around this one. Why would over 100 million people want to sign up to this and post themselves on the internet. Some might say its like blogging but I can't seem to picture it like that, because blogging usually implies that you're doing something, whether it be keeping a journal, or talking politics, economics, what have you.

I suppose it's the exact same thing as AIM AOL Instant Messenger which I was hooked to in 7th grade in the way that it opens up a world in which you can talk to whomever you like whenever you like. Thats fine and all, and seems like a cool 21st century way to meet new people, but it seems to have its downfalls. Such as the fact that people have been murdered because of it, meeting rapists and stalkers online, which you have to be pretty stupid not to think you're going to run into them eventually; the internet's big, but not that big.

I don't know about 40 year olds who also put up their profiles either. It seemed to start off as a teenager - 30 year old program to meet other kids around the U.S. globe, but now has just turned into a weird world, almost like its a big city where you can search out people to talk to. Also I hate the internet in general for people who can lie about themselves and give themselves new identities. Such as a 40 year old rapist in Cleveland Ohio talking to a 13 year old cheerleader in Seattle. But then again I suppose in this new day and age, it's the parents responsibility to step up to the new internet plate, and take charge controlling what your kid can and cannot see. It makes sense for movies, and bands to make spaces to promote their genre of music and whatever it is their trying to get across. Because I've gone through them picking out things I really like, broadening my horizon of music which is always a great thing.

I myself do not have a myspace, although it has been tempting at times to get one because it seemed to be the cool thing to do, I decided that I like to actually meet people in person and see how people really are, as opposed to Bob in Denver who likes to fish and watch football ( so sophisticated! ). Also the friends I have I talk to and keep in touch pretty often so I don't really have a need to talk to someone from New York or Oklahoma. Plus if I need to, I still have my AIM name to communicate to other people with. It just seems to me that everyone wants their own space now, so if you have space, with my space, and their space, it seems to me that the world will end up a pretty lonely place. Slan


Monday, August 14, 2006


Immortal Technique

There's been a genre of music that I've been in to lately and that genre has been political rap. Or Bush Bash rap. I don't agree with most of it, and it has a lot of B.S. that I find hilarious, athough it isn't so funny when you have a lot of naive people who don't research things themselves take this stuff as all purely fact, even though they do have some great points. The main leader of this new genre is Immortal Technique a Peruvian Harlem boy on a mission to take down all corruption in the world. His style is something I had never heard before and probably never will again, its that unique. If you ever get a chance, go get his albums Revolutionary Volume 1 and 2 because they are fantastic. He's good at what he does and also doesn't have a record label, doing everything himself from a small time label called Viper Records. Many of you might not want to give it a listen, but I just wanted to tell you about what is in my JetAudio X5L mp3 player. It's fun to bump to, and all my muslim friends love it.

Other great rappers who do the same kind of thing is Immortal Technique's protege Akir, Diabolic, Poisen Pen, Cunninlynguists, Talib Kweli, Mos Def and a few other hundred ( A lot of people have words for Prez Bush).

If you go on Myspace.com, then you can find all of them trying to get their message out there to the world, even though most of the world now knows of Immortal Technique since he is currently on his world tour.

Anyway, just thought you might want to see what I've been listening to recently. If you didn't, then the jokes on you because you read this entire post for nothing....sucka. Slan



Does anyone ever watch this news channel? I discovered it a long time ago when I was younger in Ireland and would stay up late waiting for my parents to return from a night out. I would stay up and watch all the news events in politics, art, economics, and sports. Like I said before, I can sit there and watch or read this stuff for hours. Anyway, I was just curious to see if many Irish or Europeans watch this news program that you can find here because I have never heard anyone anywhere ever talk of it.

It's alright to watch it although its obviously leaned toward a European bias as they clearly state in the beginning of the news. "Euronews, the worlds news through a European perspective." Atleast they're upfront in saying that this isn't going to be completely fair for the rest of the world. But then again, what news program ever is.


Sunday, August 13, 2006


Hehe a lil' Humor

Here's something that I thought was pretty funny. Just shows you that sometimes you have to stand back and laugh, but thats all it is, a joke. Don't go thinking that this is my thinking, although this type of radicalism does in fact exsist. Remember it exsists in all walks of religion or politics. Enjoy


Im Back

Well Well I'm finally back from my hiatous and boy do i have stories to tell. Not really but I have been to a few places since my last posting 11 months ago. Senior year went surprising well for me and I found my true love; history even winning an award for it in the International Baccalaureate Program which I thought was pretty good of myself. Life has been swell, my whole car accident dilemma went over very smoothly getting myself two years of probation, with a list of things to do within that time.

I am now about to start attending Edmonds Community College in September although I had previously said that I was going to Washington State University. This is mainly because after looking at the statistics of people who waste their time in college and spend over $20,000 a year for an education that you can get at the Community college, I figured that I would save myself a lot of stress in the future if I took the cheaper route, considering that I'm paying for it by myself. Some of you may disagree, but after talking to countless people, I have determined that this is one of the better options. I will be gathering my prerequisites while maintaining a job and also learning a trade as an electrician. Then after the two years of prerequisites at the college, my probation will be over and I will either move on to attending the University of Washington in Seattle which is one of the more popular schools in the state, or possibly go to Layola college in Chicago for personal reasons. If either of those options go dark, I have the option of going to Ireland and going to college for free which is my favorite number. While attending college I will be gathering the requirements needed to major in History and political science, because its my thing and I can literally just sit down and read entire history books for hours, really weird. Anyway, after my college years are done, I still want to go in to the United States Air Force and work in the aviation field either specializing as a pilot or a helicopter pilot, and maybe hopefully flying for the 160th SOAR, which is an elite group of helicopter pilots in the Army. But this is all still up in the air. You could say its alot, but to be honest, I'm just getting started. I like to keep my options open while gaining as much as I can so that I have things to fall back on, such as the fact that I will also be getting a Fire Fighting degree while going ot the community college which would help me in a career with the fire department.

This summer has been very fun for me. After graduation which was sad but an experience that I will most likely forget, I went to Chicago to visit my Libyan friend Tariq who's family graciously took me into his home once again. It was a great experience meeting wonderful people and seeing once again a different culture than my own Irish one, a Muslim family. It's a fantastic experience to see how their world works and how they do things as opposed to my own family.
After that I went to Ireland for my cousin's wedding which was a blast. Yeah Ireland has gotten so much more F'in expensive that its disgusting. Now I could care less that it's higher than the dollar, but things are just naturally more expensive there which is something I thought I would never see. Anyway I brought my friend from school with me because he's an American thats never left the states and kept nagging me to bring him somewhere, so my parents kind of forced me in to it, but it was alright.

Im back now, a day after the foiling of the terrorist attacks and couldn't be happier that i dodged that bullet. So i should get a job, but why when i can just take in the Northwest Rays that are very rare to receive.

Anyway, thats my recap of they year, stay tuned with more fun filled views of the world through my blatently Irish Eyes. Slan


Wednesday, September 14, 2005


A Bright Future for the Little Green Isle??

So what does the future image of Ireland have in store for it's citizens. Will it become a major player in the world and become one of these ideal places to live, where everyone is happy and free, or will it become a desolate place where all American companies have pulled out due to the Euro and high taxes, and become just too damn expensive for anyone to live within the countries borders.

What do I think? Well, since you asked, I'll give you my opinion on the future of Ireland on the path that it's currently taking.

Well, in my opinion, I sincerely think that Ireland is screwed. Now here me out. I love the place to death, and would defend with with all my life. But it isn't looking like a great place to live at the moment, for many reasons:

1) I'll keep repeating this over and over again - TOO EXPENSIVE!
2) Government is corrupt
3) Health scare
4) E.U.
5) Crime rate
6) War of the Trailors- I mean travellers
7) Job loss
8) Immigration

so I will start with numero uno. It's pretty plain to see that the place has gone cracked with the price of...well everything now adays. Petrol is through the roof, clothes are WAY overpriced and houses, well I'm not going to go there. I am no economist or anything, but if something doesn't happen soon to stop this inflation of prices, there will be major reprecussion that I will discuss later.

On to two. I feel that the Irish government is very feckin corrupt. For starters, you have to pay a TV license which is just ridiculous if you only get 2 channels. But then, you have to watch commercials, which means the government is pulling in a shite load of money every year, from the average paddy. Then there is the scandal with the Shell corporation, where apparently the government quickly signed over the deal to Shell where they could build, even though they later found out that those pipes do not hold up at all under such enormous pressure. On top of that, the natural resource wasn't even going to the Irish people, it was built to help Britain, so Ireland was never going to see any. The government was also getting paid by Shell in one lump sum, not the people who have to live with it. But in the Clause, the deal was made that if the construction stopped and halted, the government would have to pay back everything lost from the whole project, so now Ireland has to pay Shell, for feckin up their lives.
- In Alaska, since there is drilling up there and pipe lines, if you are born and live in Alaska, you get a check every so often for loyalties from the oil companies, did the Irish government set a system like that up?
They tax the shit out of everything, you can only get a job on who ya know, not what ya know. There's no laws on realtor's, so they can do what they want, without anyone actually checking in on them. Money is wasted all over the country without the government checking in on the costs of things, etc. etc. I really feel that Ireland, back in the day, was pretty corrupt from what I heard, but atleast everyone knew about. But now it seems that Ireland has put up this fake "picture perfect" world for the rest of the E.U. to see, pretending that we're advanced in all aspects of life. Still the same old Ireland, just more fake.

3. Health care is very scary in Ireland. My mother was sick there once, I just hope I never get sick or injured there. The nurses in I.C.U. (Intensive Care Unit) treat you very nicely, but once you go down to the regular corridors, it is a totally different place. Doctors are snobs who cannot waste their time with you, and nurses are just as worse, taking offense to you when you ask why a patients blood pressure is over 200 when it should be down at 140. I swear, you're more likely to die when going to the hospital, than just staying at home.

4. Euggh. I don't feel like talking about this "group". They're a bunch of scumbags who want to rule the world, and Ireland is like puddy in their hands.

5.What the hell happened to Ireland. I leave for one year and all of a sudden people are getting stabbed everynight on the evening news. I swear America isn't half as bad as that. But I mean, the crimes are pointless, a woman is with her husband on her anniversary waiting for a cab, and someone comes up and just stabs her to death? I dont know what is going on. I dont think that Gardai will be sticking around without a firearm for much longer.

6. Travellers seem to be fighting alot these days. Hearing reports of people getting out of their cars because they are rival families and just beating the shite out of eachother. Then calling their friends for backup. Crazy stuff. Although some say let them kill each other off. Some are nice people who try to make a living. But the ones that come up to a mans house and try to steal his valuables and kill him should be shot. Especially when he protects himself with a gun and kills one, while only wounding the other, and he gets charged. Great system.

7. Seems that many American companies are getting out of Ireland with all the high taxes and the price of the Euro. Can you blame them? If they're going to leave their own country and ship jobs over seas, why would they stay in a country where its more expensive than the dollar? They're going to go to Latvia or some Eastern European country where they are lucky to get 200 Euro a month, not a week.

8. It seems that immigration is very high now in Ireland. It's a great thing, its what makes America great. But at the same time, it seems rough, because they seem to be taking up all the jobs. Then I think thats a reason for the higher crime rate. The crime rate rose as the immigrants kept coming. But can someone explain how so many Brazillians can get Visas to work in Gort? Last time I checked they weren't part of the E.U.

So, what's my hypothesis for the next few years? Well, if Ireland stays in the E.U., all this will come back to haunt them. There will be mass emigration from the young kids, because it's just too hard to start a life nowadays on an average wage. Especially when the average wage is the same as before the Euro. Immigrants come in, so its time for the young Irish to explore the world. There is going to be a recession in Ireland. Or more to the extreme, a depression. I know it sounds crazy, but since 2000, i have been trackin it. And so far it seems to be on coarse.

My advice to the youngins. Buy up US dollars. I GUARANTEE you that they will come in handy soon enough. And get out while you still can.

Thanks for reading.


Monday, September 12, 2005


How Long will it last??

So ever since Ireland joined the Euro in 2000, I have been wondering how long it will last before they go back to the punt. Now I know it sounds crazy that they ever would, but I see no reason as to why they should stick with it. Of coarse the government wants to stick with it beacuse:

A) The euro has been putting major money into their pockets, so what the hell do they have to complain about.
B) The government likes to suck up to the E.U. and dive head first into everything they plan out, even when they don't seem to have any consideration for the reprecusions.
C) The people of Ireland seem to just go with it, assuming that it's part of the Celtic Tiger and that they just have to adjust.
D) The media in Ireland protrays the Euro and E.U. as this great significant thing that is helping the country expand.

Some full time residents of Ireland may not see it. Although I don't know how you couldn't, but prices have soared in Ireland in just one year. 80 euros for a pair of Levis?!?!? Are you nuts. They're $15.00 which is 12.18 Euro at the local K-Mart which to some is a "white trash" store. Not to me though, I love the place. But I don't see how people can live there. Everyone I know is complaining about how hard its getting to live there, and how their wages aren't increasing with the prices.

I know for a fact that most Americans who would die to go to Ireland, but they rethink their decision after I tell them the exchange rate and how expensive things are. Ireland seems to be hurt by tourism, maybe not in the whole of the country, but where I'm from, they're feeling the crunch.

I know most of you now understand me to not like the E.U. I never have, and I never will. I just feel like it's impossible to mix that many cultures together, and try and make them act as one nation. Maybe it could happen, but obviously from the E.U. constitution refrendums in France and the Netherlands, the people aren't being spoken for.

I think the E.U. will be short lived, and I seriously think that Ireland should atleast get out of the Euro. It's hurting them bad, and they need to realize that.

Look at Britain, they went into the E.U. with their heads held high, not accepting the Euro, and look how they turned out. A wise Irishman once told me "you'll never see a British lad make a fool of himself, they'll let the Paddy do that." And I feel that this is very true.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I just feel Ireland is not Ireland anymore. It's just another state in the E.U. where Brussels is controling their every move.


Movie Review - Exorcism of Emily Rose

So this weekend, after eating at a Chinese Buffet with Two Bulgarians and an American, we decided to go see the newly released movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

So heres a quick tale of the movie: In an extremely rare decision, the Catholic Church officially recognized the demonic possession of a 19 year-old college freshman. Told in terrifying flashbacks, THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE chronicles the haunting trial of the priest accused of negligence resulting in the death of the young girl believed to be possessed. Inspired by true events, the film stars Laura Linney as the lawyer who takes on the task of defending the priest who performed the controversial exorcism.

Personally I liked the movie, it had good drama, and frankly, put the faith back in me. You don't have to be a Cathloic or anything to get it, since possessions happen in all cultures, but I think I related or understood it more than my friends. There exact quotes were "That was F***in GAY.."

But it might not be for everyone. Theres good action. No real star line up. But the acting wasn't bad at all. Good action flashbacks of poor poor Emily Rose. About half way through the movie, a lot of talking comes in to it, which slows the movie up alot making many audience members want to scream.

I reccomend the movie with a quick warning that you may or may not enjoy it. Its alot like the Transporter 2. I feel its well done, although only loosely based on the true story, but hey, its hollywood. i give it a 31/2 out of 5. But dont take my word for it, check some other sources before spending your hard earned cash to see it.


Sunday, September 11, 2005


Uh oh

Damnit Damnit Damnit......Why did this have to happen to Galway. I had so much faith in them....and so much money. Ah well, it was a pretty close game, but someone had to win I suppose, atleast it wasn't a French team who won.

So it obviously hasn't been a good week for me for many reasons:
So hopefully all will work itself out. I'll get through Senior year without a hitch. Ireland will come back and pound the shite out of France and all that get in our way. That's all

Gaillimh Abú



Book of Month

So while I was back In Ireland last week, visiting seanmhathair and the rest of the family, I was told numerous times about a book that I should deffinitely pic up before I headed back. The books name was 'Bandit Country' by Toby Harnden.

My cousin who is 30 years old began telling me about some of the stories in the book, and how he found out while reading it that one of the lads he used to work with was one of the top IRA suspects in South Armagh. This got me very interested in the book, especially after more and more people began to tell me that its a good book.

So I picked it up and began reading it on the 24 hour journey back to Seattle, and so far I think it's great. It just tells of the troubles in South Armagh and how brutal it was.

One thing I obviously never grasped was the fact that just 100 miles aways from my home, so much terror and killing took place . I'm only about 100 pages in to the book, so I have a good bit to go still on account of it being 537 pages.

I would so far reccomend this book to anyone over the age of 15 because there are some brutal things that are described, but at the same time is very educational to the struggle that was so intense and destructive for so long.


11th Meán Fómhair

Man. 4 years. the world has changed quite a bit.

Always remember the people running from it, and into it

The questions once again arise. What if?


Tuaisceart na hÉireann or An Tuaisceart

so I've been hearing that there has been something going on in the North. Some type of conflict that can't really be resolved. Atleast thats as much as you're going to hear of it in the U.S.

The average American, usually the one who claims he or she is an 1/8 or 1/32 Irish, will tell you that they're a supporter of the IRA and the struggle against the F'in Brits. I can't help at laugh at them when I hear this, because it's so childish how little they know, and how they think it is so black and white. Anyone with a small bit of intelligence knows that theres always a shade of gray in any conflict.

So I've been doing some research in to the matter, and have found some things that I have discovered, and want to analyze with the rest of the blogos.

So back in the 1800's Ulster always seemed to be distant of the rest of Ireland, prospering off of Belfast's success. It had a very large Protestant population compared to the rest of the Catholic dominated country, so always seemed to keep themselves out of the loop. So the Ulstermen began to feel a bit cocky about themselves and started creating groups such as the orangemen and such, causing wide divisions. In the South, Irish heritage began to grow with the founding of the Gaelic League and Gaelic Athletic Association.

So home rule was put on the table in parliament and after getting knocked down several times, seemed to be coming up for talks again. The Irish wanted it, mostly just some type of dual government where they had most power but not absolute. But Ulster wanted to be left out of the Catholic hands saying they'd be killed or ignored. So in 1905, after getting nowhere with political force, they created the UVF, or the Ulster Volunteer Force.

Now right here is where I find it interesting....

They bought 24,000 arms from Germany with 3,000,000 rounds of ammunition, which was illegal, but the British Government seemed to turn a blind eye to what was happening. Now at this time there was the IRB (Irish Republican Brotherhood), the Irish Volunteers and a smaller group the ICA (Irish Citizen Army) which all in some way or another were the first "IRA". At this time they were actually freedom fighters. They revolted, on Easter Monday 1916 in Dublin, and although the country was largely against what they were doing, after the leaders were being executed week after week, the entire country turned super nationalist.

Thats about as far as I have gotten with it. But from what I initially see, the ulster protestants were the first to take action, so isn't it somewhat their doing? Just throwing that out there.

I never knew Irish history was so deep. There was a time when I was like most Americans saying "OH yea! Up the RA!." But that time has gone. I would root for the ones at the 1916 rising, but the ones today, are a different type of IRA. They are a new cold blooded breed, who actually seem to be coming to their senses. But I see that the loyalists and such are not developing as fast and still have a lot of "hate" left inside them. My question is, how coul they still have so much "hate", when they seemed to kind of start the "arms/violence race"?

Maybe this hate is coming from the fact that times are changing and they're loosing their grip on the old north and can't focus on the path to the new north. *cough* Paisley *cough*. Im not saying hes no worse than Gerry Adams at times. Just seems to be he goes around spewing hate and complaining to everyone about Eire and our ways and our business, when he should really take a good look in the mirror.

Any thoughts?


Saturday, September 10, 2005


Fàilte go Seattle

So lads I thought I would give you a head ups on where I'm from and what my life is like all the way in the Northwest corner of the United States of America.

So I live in Seattle. Although I complain about it atleast twice a day, I actually do enjoy the place quite alot and love the atmosphere. One reason I like it so much is because it reminds me so much of Ireland. Well not so much the place, but weather wise its dead on. We have nice relaxed summers like in Ireland, and then the rest of the time, it rains. The people aren't exactly friendly, unless you put out an effort to be nice, and traffic is chaotic. Whoever built the I-5 as the main road for all of Washintgon, should have to clean the whole stretch of it for the rest of his life (It runs from the Canadian border, down to the Mexican border.

So To tell you a little about myself. My names Caoimhin. I was originally born in Harlem New York. My parents are both from Galway. We lived back in Eire for about 2 years, and then decided to head on back to either Seattle or Hawaii (Why did they pick the rainy one?!?!). So I've been living here ever since and visit Ireland about twice a year, because I miss all my friends and relatives.

Im going to tell you my age, but don't think of me as someone who is naive and young, because in the past year of my life I have gone through a car accident which has changed my entire life. In the car accident I broke my pelvic bone in 2 places, my back in three, I broke my jaw in three places, damaged my left kidney, had a punctured lung and also....bit off my tongue. It was a hard process where it took all my strength and then some to get better. From being told I'd never walk again, to being told that it would take 12 weeks to take baby steps, mo mhaithair told me that the choices I made at that time in the bed, would effect my life forever. So four days after being in critical condition where the doctors told my parents that I may not live, I took a stroll around the hospital corridor, with a cathadar dangling from my...well i think you get the picture. Well I got better, I assure you the worst part of the accident was not being able to eat for 6 weeks, and now I am in the best shape of my life. I am still going through it, for i was the driver and one of my best friend's was in the car with me and she did not survive the accident, although she did not get nearly as much done to her as I did. I was not drinking and driving or on any substance, it was a very odd road that everyone has told me is warped and deceptive. But whatever the outcome, I feel I am here for a reason, and plan on sticking around for a while.

In all that I forgot to tell you my age. Im currently 17, soon enough to be 18. I plan on going to college at either Washington State University or Galway city University. I am in the International Baccalaureate program and have studied in honors French. I love to speak Gaeilge with my parents, although they are starting to get fuzzy on it, on account of the horrible teaching methods in Irish schools back in the 60's -70's. I plan on joining the U.S. Air Force or else the U.S. Navy Seals and later on in life become a Garda. I figure "hey, if a pol and a chinese woman can get in, maybe I got a chance!" There's nothing really to tell. Later on in the blog I will start discussing politics both local, statewide, national and international. Thats all for now. Thanks for reading. Slan.


Ag seilg shona daoibh Gaillimhe!!

I would just like to wish all the lads on the Galway hurling team the best of luck on Sunday at the All Ireland. Hopefully you will blow Cork away, and win won for us. I know you can do it, and will do it, because frankly, I have money on this game, and I don't want to lose. Anyway once again Tá an t-ádh oraibh An Domhnach.


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